MongoDB Bug Hunt Meetup
As MongoDB prepares for its release of 3.4, they offered an amazing opportunity to enthusiastic developers a chance to catch some bugs. Along side several engineers to aide those of us less comfortable, the bug hunt was a very intense and rewarding experience. Ramon Fernandez-Marina the Director, Build & Release Engineer for MongoDB gave us a very detailed orientation into MongoDB and not only the tools we would be using but just how to use them.

Almost immediately we had our first bug! Installing the development release of MongoDB 3.3.12 using homebrew (a package manager for OS X) was impossible. Homebrew did not recognize the –devel block typically used. This might not be a large bug as MongoDB can be very easily installed by other means. However, something that doesn’t work as intended is still a bug.

As the night progressed you could definitely feel and see the concentration in everyone. Those from MongoDB were equally focused if not more focused assisting everyone from the easiest task up to some very detailed issues. From first hand experience each person helping there was incredibly knowledgeable and more than eager to help. We all really wanted to find some bugs, unfortunately we didn’t. However I am more than positive the search wont stop at this meetup as I’m still trying to find a bug.

What Did I Learn at MongoDB?

Tons! I mean seriously what I learned in a couple of hours at MongoDB was astonishing. Considering I had never used MongoDB, I had a firm grasp on basic CRUD operations. I also had some time with importing and exporting other datasets from JSON and CSV files. I even got to play with MongoDB’s aggregation framework. MongoDB’s text search feature was also incredibly cool and useful.

From my first ever install of MongoDB to aggregating/reducing a database it was all an unforgettable experience. MongoDB is user friendly, easy to comprehend and grasp. All this on top an amazing team working with you on all your questions is well worth every visit.

How Can I Attend These Super Awesome MongoDB Meetup?

That’s a great question! Check out MUG, The MongoDB User Group, on Which I have include below

MongoDB Meetup

Also it’s not too late to find your own bugs! Download MongoDB and try it out for yourself.

MongoDB Download

A huge thanks to Alim S. Gafar, Ramon Fernandez-Marina and All the MongoDB team for an such a great experience.